Jewel Paymentech
Country : Singapore
  • Full-time

Data Scientist

We're a Financial Technology startup which focuses on developing intelligent solutions to mitigate fraud and other risks for the banking and financial industry. We were also named as one of the most promising FinTech startups in Asia by SWIFT.


As a Data Scientist, you’ll work side by side with Software Developers, Designers and Product Owners, and take full ownership of your work – from the initial idea-generation phase to the implementation of the final product. Our ideal candidate is result-focused, innovative, and has a solid quantitative background.


Jewel Paymentech is looking for a highly-motivated data scientist to join our team and support us in developing cutting edge fraud and risk management solutions.


·      Work in a multi-disciplined team where you’ll take full ownership of turning discoveries and ideas into machine learning models. You’ll use the model’s output to create and improve products for our customers, preferably in short development cycles

  • Build, test and deploy machine learning models to combat fraud and other payment risk issues
  • Refine the performance and accuracy of existing models based on customer feedback
  • Research & Development on how to improve customers’ experience by using data that is available
  • Actively contribute to taking Data Science at Jewel to the next level

Do you want to experience working in a fast-paced environment with new challenges every day? This is the place.


  • Minimum two years of relevant work experience
  • BSc, Masters, PhD, or equivalent experience in a quantitative field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

  • Excellent English communication skills; the ability to convey your message to team members and other stakeholders

  • Proficient in Python and Scikit-Learn/Pandas

  • Additional advantage with proficiency in Spark ML/MLLib

  • Additional advantage with proficiency in Natural Language Processing

  • Additional advantage with proficiency in using any graph database: Neo4J, OrientDB, AllegroGraph, JanusDB, etc.

  • Additional advantage with proficiency in using Keras, TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch/PyTorch, Theano, mxnet or any other Deep Learning framework

  • Additional advantage with proficiency in using Amazon Web Services

  • Prior experience with at least several of the following models: Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, (Deep) Neural Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Conditional Random Fields, Game Theory, Mechanism Design and/or Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)

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