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Community Manager (Management Trainee)

The Pique Lab is a premier, private enrichment centre focused on the delivery of interactive Science programs for primary school students. It was created with a focus on creating an encouraging & supportive learning environment for primary school children. We wanted to use our talents to grow a team of educators who care and inspire, rather than just doing their job.


Led by a team of primary school education specialists, we do what we do because we want to empower students with the skills to understand the subject and help them maintain a competitive edge over their peers. Using our proven Complete Concept Integration™ (CCI) methodology, we have helped thousands of primary school students in over 40 different primary schools achieve extraordinary academic results in Science.


The Opportunity

Do you have a knack for connecting with people? Are you an analytical thinker? On top of that, are you ready to make a positive impact on the lives of others?

If yes, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Currently, we are looking for a bubbly Community Manager to join our team to serve our growing customer base. Seize the opportunity to advance your communication & digital marketing skills and learn more from the experts who have touched the lives of over 1,500 primary school kids!

The Pique Lab is a transparent and dynamic company that rewards its team members based on efficiency, results, and performance. We do not care if you have a degree, but we care about your life story, your accomplishments, your personality, and your skills.

If you have strong interpersonal communication skills and are willing to experiment new things - The Pique Lab has a place for you! Click "Apply Now" to join our team today!


What You'll Learn

In this multi-faceted role, you'll acquire first-hand experience to master the following roles:

#1 Communication Mastery

  • You'll learn how to communicate the brand's value proposition to our prospective customers and convert them from cold prospects to raving customers (... We shun away from 'hard-selling' because we know our prospects hate it just as much as we do)
  • You'll learn how to take your prospects on a journey from 'Awareness' through 'Product Evaluation' and ultimately 'Conversion'. (... To us, the act of selling is akin to dating. You'll need to impress your date before he/she will be keen to take the next step with you. A lot of amateurs make the mistake of jumping the gun & end up losing a lot of sales in the process)
  • You'll learn how to position our PSLE Science specialists as experts in the industry. (... some people think that you need to have decades of experience to be crowned the title of an 'expert'. We show you how it is done using our proven 5P framework)
  • You'll learn how to integrate 'offline marketing' with 'online marketing' to generate massive sales for the organisation.

#2 Digital Marketing Mastery

  • You'll get access to a proven plan for guaranteed traffic and a system for acquiring new customers from Facebook & Google. (... this automated traffic & conversion system works around the clock to generate leads & sales for us. It has catapulted our growth massively from a $0 to a 7-figure company in under 3 years)
  • You'll learn how to acquire new customers at a profit (... how crazy is that? We're all about ROI and our customers pay us to get acquired as leads)
  • You'll learn how to design suitable offers to reach out to cold & hot traffic (... this is exceptionally important because not everyone is ready to buy. Crafting offers is an art & a science that take years of experience to hone.)
  • You'll learn how to scale your 'winning' ads successfully & weed out your 'losing' ads (... this strategy will help you build a huge subscriber list while avoiding the problems of 'ad-fatigue' and keeping click costs low)

All these skills can help you better execute future projects, this is definitely the opportunity for you to build up an arsenal knowledge on business and marketing.


What You Will Do

We're looking for a self-motivated individual who is capable of taking care of our customers' needs and develop our community into a prosperous one:

  • Communicate with customers (front-facing & online)
  • Maintain the organisation's cashiering system & assist with onboarding new students
  • Organise & collate potential new leads
  • Assist in the creation & execution of integrated digital marketing campaigns (conceptualization, targeting & segmentation, copywriting & platform management)
  • Develop and test new & existing acquisition and sales channels
  • Analyse user behaviour, conversion data, customer journey & sales funnels


As the Community Manager, you are the mouthpiece of our brand. You're expected to actively connect with parents within our community & helping them with what they need.

Here's what we envision our ideal Community Manager to possess:

  • Preferably a background in Marketing, Communications, Business or Public Relations
  • You should be someone who is open-minded & willing to experiment new things.
  • You must be committed to mastery and be willing to put in the hard work in the short term to learn as much as possible.
  • We love you if you have prior experience in sales, customer service or human resource management.
  • You should ideally have an unwavering commitment towards delivering an amazing customer experience.
  • You should demonstrate high integrity, responsibility and possess strong communication (English & Mandarin) & interpersonal skills.
  • You should be focused on results & be patient and understanding with their customers.


2500 - 3000 SGD

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