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Tueetor® was born in August 2016 to solve the global education problem with the aim of increasing the global literacy rate, motivating people to learn and move the world towards lifelong learning. We believe that private education and enrichment - both academic and non-academic - should no longer be considered a luxury in this time and age and should be made available to all who are keen to learn and want to learn. Our fully automated learner-trainer matching platform leveraging on location-based, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technology, allowing learners an automatic, instant, 24/7 match within 2 minutes. In the process, middleman fees are cut off completely leading to a lower fee for the learner, allowing them to learn more subjects within their original planned budget. This will improve the accessibility and affordability for learning tremendously.

Tueetor® is expanding aggressively to 15 Asian countries and we hope you could be part of our passionate and caring team.