The Working Capitol
Country : Singapore

The Working Capitol on Startup Jobs Asia

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The Working Capitol has set out to create spaces that inspire, motivate
and empower people to do their best work. Offering a range of workspace
solutions, community programmes, and professional and lifestyle events aimed at
inspiring growth and well-being for the networks it supports.

Following the launch of its flagship location in the heart of Chinatown,
The Working Capitol has recently opened its second space in the Central
Business District, providing solutions for organisations of all sizes and
access to facilities such as a pool, gym and a variety of food & beverage
establishments. Companies come to The Working Capitol to attract and retain top
talent, as well as build corporate cultures that will sustain them in the long

The Working Capitol plans to grow into a regional network of sites
grounded in shared workspace environments and deeply ingrained in the
neighbourhoods and cities in which it will operate.

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