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Tickle is a new, original marketplace for experiences.

3 in 4 millennials spend their dollar on experiences instead of a physical good. Tickle is the marketplace they'll hit up to jump into their next new experience.

Anyone can be a host on Tickle, and our team helps to curate and refine experiences to keep quality high and help attract more demand. It's a great way to #sidehustle, which sharing your passion and earning a living.

Guests on Tickle buy the experience through our mobile apps on iOS and Android, (web app coming soon). Instead of bingeing on Netflix again, they can join social experiences that are fun, thoughtful and of course, instagrammable.

Tickle will be launching soon. Come on board for the crazy ride. 


Tickle is built with ❤️ in Singapore.

Our team is made of passionate people driven to use technology to empower communities at scale. Our foundational process is putting together product qualities we’ve identified as critical, that bring forth the values we deeply believe in.

We thoughtfully put together qualities that make a product great, like beautiful design, effective data, vivid story-telling, state-of-the-art technologies, and constant iteration – so we can keep building a better Tickle.

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