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Arcstone seeks to revolutionize the way data is utilized in enterprises. We believe that manufacturing processes and equipment management can be monitored, maintained and controlled by fully operationalizing and unlocking the value of data. Termed arc.opsTM (Arcstone Operations Platform), our in-house IoT/SaaS platform integrates with IoT sensors, machines, ERPs, and workstation tablets for fully automated to fully manual processes in manufacturing, machine maintenance and warehousing. An intuitive and powerful solution for facility managers and workers to run their day-to-day operations and maximize productivity, arc.opsTM also gives senior management the ability to visualize and optimize their facilities anywhere in the world, and to forecast and plan for future growth.

Arcstone was founded in 2013 and successfully closed its Pre-Series A venture funding round at the end of 2015 with Global Brain, 500 Startups, Wavemaker, and YSS Capital. We have worked with numerous companies globally,
from large MNCs to small MNEs to help transform their production operations
into the new age of digitalization. In addition, Arcstone has recently
partnered with McKinsey & Company as a technology solutions provider and
with SAP after successfully completing its Startup Focus Accelerator Program. 

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